About Us

About Us

Rehab Center Serving the New Haven & Waterbury, CT Areas

We opened our doors on May 1, 1975, as the Central Naugatuck Valley Consortium for Alcoholism Services, Inc., providing a comprehensive service-delivery system for alcohol related problems. Our system was based on the philosophy that alcoholism is a progressive family disease that is treatable and preventable.

Then on December 19, 1991, we legally changed our name to Family Intervention Center, although our philosophy stayed the same. Today we now deal with problems ranging from alcohol and drugs to gambling and eating related addictions. We are proud to say that we pioneered the Assertive Early Intervention Approach to Addiction in the New England area.  

Addiction is a Family Problem. Contact Us for Eating Disorder Recovery & More

When a family system is healthy and nurturing, they acknowledge each other’s feelings and deal with them directly and constructively.

When addiction becomes part of a family dynamic, everything changes. Addiction affects the entire family system and hurts each person within the family unit. Through our work we have discovered that any member may begin the intervention process, which then positively affects the others. Once the one family member gets healthy, they no longer tolerate the unhealthy behaviors they did before.

Our goal at Family Intervention Center is to assist families in making healthy decisions and helping them reach their full potential as a happy, healthy family unit. For over 40 years, we have changed the lives of those in need by following one mission: promoting wellness through education, intervention and treatment.

Rely On Our Rehab Center

From addictions to mental illnesses, rehab centers can provide individuals the assistance they need to overcome life’s challenges. At Family Intervention Center we help these individuals regain normality in their lives, safely and in a healthy way. Our providers help each and every one of our patients change their attitudes toward addictions with short and long term goals to work on along the way. If you are looking for rehab centers in the New Haven or Waterbury, CT areas, give us a call today. 

See what our clients have to say:

I just starting coming here for counseling a few weeks ago. It is a very small building but I really love the people there. The intake counselor was extremely calm and nice, and the assigned counselor I am seeing now is fantastic! He really makes me feel better about everything that bothers me! Plus I have not had to wait longer than 5 minutes on any occasion... and if you get there early they commonly take you in early instead of making you wait. They don't seem to overbook so there is usually no lines or anything. One of my favorite aspects is none of the counselors try to shove meds down your throat.... they consider meds a "last resort" reserved for people with serious issues. They want YOU to work on YOU before even considering using meds to solve the underlying issues. Which is great because I am pretty paranoid about meds!
PS - I am pretty sure this is a secondary base, I think the primary "headquarters" is on Thomaston Ave.
Christopher C. – Yelp Review

The amount of one-on-one interaction with the counselors and staff makes FIC feel very comfortable and welcoming. – Anonymous – Google Review
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