Does Your Loved One Need An Intervention?

Employee Assistance Program

Family Intervention Center provides consultation, training, assessment and referral to employees and their families through contracts we have with area businesses. You may either be self-referred or referred by a supervisor as the result of deteriorating job performance. Through this program we hope to restore employee productivity and retain valuable employees through this early intervention process. (Services are strictly confidential.)

Family Forum

This five week educational counseling program is for people who are involved with someone who drinks, does drugs, gambles or eats too much. The focus of this forum is to first understand the addiction and what it does to family members. Then they will begin to learn how to take care of themselves, feel better, and finally begin dealing with the addicted loved one.

Do You Need A Planned Intervention?

Planned Intervention

This process only works when a family and/or concerned loved ones of an addict take action. First, we focus on understanding the addiction as a family disease and how the individual feels about being confronted about their addiction. The key to a proper intervention is being able to communicate to the addict with love and concern in a way that allows the addict to hear what is being said. Finally, we work hard to move the addict into treatment.
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