Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Our Board Of Directors

Here is a complete list of our Board of Directors:

President: Dawn Giusto
Vice President: Stephen Oricchio
Secretary: Michael Cunningham
Treasurer: Jeffrey Savelle

• Susan Beatty • Kathleen Caiazzo • Anthony Giusto • Robert Gurry
• William Mahoney • Joe Gugliotti • Karen Oricchio • Vern Proctor
• Lynn Benevides • Lori Pelosi • Allen Thibodeau • Daniel Conway
•Michele Pizzuto

Thank you to everyone who serves on the board!

Family Intervention Center is grateful to our Board of Directors, who have been meticulously and individually elected based on their skills or passions. In conjunction with our amazing staff members, they help us to run our facilities so smoothly. 

It is important for us to have everyone in our inner circle live by and preach our mission and philosophy. We are thankful that each member of our Board of Directors does exactly that.
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